Sublime House, a place to empower women

We are a community of passionate and creative women. We are developers, designers, geeks, employees, entrepreneurs and explorers who live and work together as part of a friendly and thoughtful environment for a one month long life-changing experience.

A one month immersive program


Private & shared room
Shared kitchen and bathrooms
Central location
Housekeeping services


Chillout area


Talks, brainstorming & coaching
Peer-to-peer collaboration
Like-minded people
Professional connections

In the heart of Lisbon

At Sublime House, you’re not just a member — you’re part of a caring community. You’ll get plenty of opportunities to connect with other Sublime members as well as the local neighbourhood.

A mind & project accelerator

Work & Life Balance

Immersed in a friendly environment proven to optimize growth, we aim to support one another to take the steps we need to be effective change-makers.

Set your goals

Get away to get focus. It's rare to have such a large, uninterrupted chunk of time to focus on just one thing.

Talks & workshops

Share knowledge with others. Teach and learn. Participate in regular events and workshops with local experts.

Showcase your work

Pitch, present and test your work in a receptive environment where you can get feedback, encouragement, and experience in public speaking.

A place to get focussed

Remote work

Self-directed study



An opportunity to learn the basics in coding and web design with introductory courses.

  • Understand the principles of coding.
  • Get the basics in ux / ui design.
  • Get the skills to understand global technical questions that will help you relate to your tech teams.

A positive social environment


We are looking for friendly, self-directed and curious people who enjoy their work and want to get better at what they do.


The atmosphere here aims to be friendly and intellectual. We have social rules. We respect each individual as a person and as a learner.

Empowering women

We know there are many obstacles women face in order to be successful in tech. We try to open women’s eyes to their leadership potential. We aim to create and expand networks.

The Sublimes

Programmer web
Student at 42
Coffee, bicycle and celtic dance lover

UX / UI designer & art director
Learning Ruby, HTML & CSS
Loves disco music in secret

Ready to live the adventure?

One month in Lisbon

March 16 to April 9
shared triple room 600€ per month
shared double room 700€ per month
single room 800€ per month

Community Partners